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A Tribute to Debbie Danforth

Posted By Joe Binard

Debbie Danforth is indeed an amazing woman: a Native American, Oneida tribe, as a Registered Nurse she devoted herself to the improvement of health care of Native Americans.

A Tribute to Maliha Wehbe

Posted By Nadia Wehbe

This is to my aunt who died in 2006 of lung cancer.

Aunty, I would like to pay you this tribute as you have been such a beautiful person in my life, my mentor, and I’m not sure if you knew how many lives you touched when you were alive, but I wish I had told you how much you touched mine.

A Tribute to Donna Brazile

Posted By Mary T Wagner                                      

Hats off to Donna Brazile, CNN political commentator, campaign manager for Al Gore in 2000, and political writer.

While the airwaves are flooded this U.S. presidential election season with an endless supply of “talking heads” who speak in rote catchphrases...

A Tribute to Olivia Goggin

Posted By Tarek Nassar

A tribute to my Beautiful wife....

Ladies, when you hear men say "I'm the luckiest man in the world to have you in my life!" some of them mean it and I'm one of them.

A Tribute to Huda Sosebee

Susan notes: Steve Sosebee wrote this tribute to his wife Huda on September 1, 2008, to kick off an effort to raise funds for the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund. Steve told me in early 2009 that Huda had been diagnosed with leukemia; she died in July 15, 2009. Steve was, and still is, devasted by the loss of his beloved Huda. Theirs was a love and passion that few have the privilege of experiencing...

Posted By Steve Sosebee

It is hard to put into words the depth of my love, respect, admiration, attraction, and general friendship that I have for you.

You are more than just a wife, you are the foundation of my strength and the source that has brought joy and happiness into my life.

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