A Tribute to Huda Sosebee

Susan notes: Steve Sosebee wrote this tribute to his wife Huda on September 1, 2008, to kick off an effort to raise funds for the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund. Steve told me in early 2009 that Huda had been diagnosed with leukemia; she died in July 15, 2009. Steve was, and still is, devasted by the loss of his beloved Huda. Theirs was a love and passion that few have the privilege of experiencing...

Posted By Steve Sosebee

It is hard to put into words the depth of my love, respect, admiration, attraction, and general friendship that I have for you.

You are more than just a wife, you are the foundation of my strength and the source that has brought joy and happiness into my life.

I fell in love with you the first moment that I saw you in Jerusalem nearly 20 years ago, and our love has grown deeper because our souls feel intertwined. We come from such different backgrounds and cultures, but I have never felt that we were different or that there was any problem in communicating with you about important things in our lives.

I see you every day being a great mother to the two beautiful girls that you have given me, setting examples of both patience and love that will help them to grow into being independent and strong women in their own way.

I would not be half of the father or man that I am today without you beside me. For whatever I have done in my life that has been good and worthy of benefit, having you as my life partner is more than payback.

You are an amazing woman and you rock.


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