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A Tribute to Susan Macaulay

Posted By Lynn Hamam

Of all the qualities that a human, man or woman, can possess, I think the greatest quality is compassion.

I could write many things about Susan, she's fun, she's beautiful, she's inspirational, a motivator...

A Tribute to Debbie Goodbody

Posted By Lynn Hamam                                     


Friends since we were 5 years old, we have walked a long, winding path through life together.

We have played, laughed, fought, cried and somehow worked our way through to today. Your friendship is a great blessing in my life, a constant that I know will remain no matter what.

A Tribute to Ann Butler

Posted By Debs Magee

From the Captain & Crew of the Dubai Sea Dragons Dragon Boat Club - Dubai

We held a Memorial Paddle for Ann Butler, our crewmember who recently lost her fight with breast cancer.  We paddled our dragon boat in a "missing woman" formation with flowers sitting on her seat…

A Tribute to Janan Said

Posted By Rana Said                                  

There are so many amazing women in the world!

While this tribute is for one person, I've also included others, because in our world and within our circle of friends and family, we seem to have an over-indexed rate of amazing women - all of them amazing for different reasons...

A Tribute to Lesley McLay

Posted By Rob Briggs                                     

Lesley has spent her entire career working in fashion - a career surprisingly 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. And it's her dedication and love that inspire me.