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A Tribute to Susan Macaulay

Posted By Sarah Dang

First of all, I would like to say, what I am writing is not really a story, it is exactly my thought. :-)

This is a friend of mine. Her name is Susan. She is a very beautiful, intelligent and ambitious woman.

A Tribute to Mary Pat Byrne

Posted By Marion Gold                          

An accomplished businesswoman and entrepreneur, running a successful company, Mary Pat is also a talented artist.

A Tribute to Ray and Larry Gold

Posted By Marion Gold                          

For more than fifty years before their passing, my parents filled their home in Fair Lawn, New Jersey with love and tender care. It was their first "house," the place where they would raise their family - where they would realize their own dreams, and wish for the future happiness and prosperity of their children.

A Tribute to Penny Harrington

Posted By Marion Gold

Penny Harrington faced discrimination and harassment, personal tragedies and triumphs as she battled a male-dominated system to be named Chief of Police of the Portland Police Bureau in 1985.

A Tribute to Kathi McKenna

Posted By Susan Macaulay

Ten years younger, so much brighter, a world away, and yet still my rock.

Kathi, you have been my biggest fan, my greatest cheerleader for so long: always there when I need you, a great listener, able to put things in perspective, full of unconditional love. You are my amazing angel: wise, clever, and insightful.