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A Tribute to Carole Gesman (nee Parker)

Posted By Tim Mace                                      

Many longer-term residents of Dubai will vividly remember Carole Gesman (nee Parker), who recently lost her gallant eight-month battle with cancer; she died in Florida at the age of 49.

A Tribute to Lynn Hamam

Posted By Debbie Goodbody

My friend Lynn is my unsung hero, the one who cares, supports, loves and gives beyond her own needs.

Lynn is the one who is the guiding light for those who are lost. The one who, when others are falling by the wayside, will carry on. And for these attributes? Lynn asks nothing in return.

A Tribute to Nawal Sakkaf

Posted By Mazhar Mohad                                   

All tributes to my best friend, love, fiancee - Nawal.

Being with her is the perfect thing that has happened to my life...

A Tribute to Jill Lewis

Posted By Clive Lewis

My Mum, Jill Lewis, had breast cancer and a mastectomy to deal with back in the 1970s when she was in her thirties .

She was ill for a long while and then, to the outward world, and especially to her children, she appeared to be well again.