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A Tribute to Debbie Stonham

Posted By Lois Lockwood                                 

Debbie died when she was only 44 years young. This is a tribute to her, in the form of the eulogy that I delivered at her funeral.

To my friend who I will always miss...

A Tribute to Elizabeth Lockwood (1930 - 2008)

Posted By Lois Lockwood                                

My mother-in-law Bette died in early 2008. She was a wonderful woman. This is the eulogy I delivered at her funeral.

My grandfather, just before he died, said to my mother, “as long as you are alive, I shall never be truly gone”.

A Tribute to Kathleen Davies

Posted By Susan Macaulay

I still remember the first time we met – in the public speaking course that was part of the PR programme at Mount Royal College.

When I got up to introduce myself, I referred back to something you had said in your own introduction. I looked at you, trying to make a connection, hoping for support.

A Tribute to Cheryl Taylor

Posted By Susan Macaulay

I love you amazing woman. Despite the challenges you’ve faced in your life, laughter, joy and compassion bubble up from your core like fresh water from a spring.

Of all the people I know, I think you are the most caring.

A Tribute to Marion E. Gold

Posted By Susan Macaulay                              

I found Marion Gold by chance – lucky me!

After reading Marion’s review of one of Katherine Martin’s books on, I clicked on Marion's name to find out more about her.