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Katherine Martin's Triumphant Surrender (Recounted By Her Husband, Franc Sloan)

katherine_martin_new.jpgSusan notes: Katherine Martin, author, playwright, wife, mother, and 'beauty,' is part of the fabric of this website.

Martin died in January 14, 2006. She and I never met in this life; perhaps we will in another. Her husband Franc Sloan generously agreed to share two letters he wrote to family and friends about her departure from this world (fittingly, on a big red horse).

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A Tribute to Marian Hamilton Christie Channell

Marian ChannellAWR friend Colin Channell eulogized his mother Marian Hamilton Christie Channell (July 23, 1926 - February 24, 2013), at a memorial service in spring 2013. Here's what he said:

"Even though it seems like Mum left us a long time ago, today is still a very solemn day because it is where those who loved her bring her to her eternal rest.

A Tribute to Mary Margaret Kell (1902-1990)

pink angelBy Patti Macaulay

My Mom was an amazing woman. She left her home and family in Antigonish, Nova Scotia when she was only 18, and went to Montreal, Quebec to be a nurse.

In those days, it was unusual for a young woman, especially one who had been brought up on a farm, to go so far away at such a young age. But my Mom was a courageous woman, she wasn't easily frightened or intimidated.

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