A Tribute to Maliha Wehbe

Posted By Nadia Wehbe

This is to my aunt who died in 2006 of lung cancer.

Aunty, I would like to pay you this tribute as you have been such a beautiful person in my life, my mentor, and I’m not sure if you knew how many lives you touched when you were alive, but I wish I had told you how much you touched mine.

In your life you created an Arabic Language Center, a language school for children and produced your own grammar tools and books to teach Arabic. You also brought up a wonderful family; I loved your family dinners and you were always the peacemaker within the family.


Aunty through these things your legacy and spirit is still so with us.

I admire that you came from a generation that didn’t encourage women to work, let alone have a career and then go on to make it a success, and yet you did all of those things. I admire even more that through your success you never put work before your family.

I admire your humility and most of all I admire your compassion. Nothing but everything mattered to you and your inner strength was formidable, I love you and miss you. Aunty, when I grow up I want to be just like you.