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The UAE's Sheika Lubna Rocks

Yvonne R. Davis, President and CEO of DAVISCommunications, is an internationally recognized leadership development coach, speaker, and award winning journalist. She is an expert in cross-cultural and global emerging markets. She's also an AWR member.

These paragraphs are excerpted from and article she recently wrote about Sheikha Lubna for Middle East Online.

sheikha_lubna.jpgSheikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al Qasimi was named United Arab Emirates Minister of Foreign Trade in early 2008.

Her appointments paved the way for three other women cabinet Ministers, as well as a growing host of young highly talented woman Ambassadors with considerable clout and power in their own right.

She is the forerunner of the women's empowerment in the UAE; influencing positive change in the entire Muslim and Arab world.

Sheikha Lubna is a blue blooded Princess -- the Qasimi family heads two of the UAE's seven Emirates (Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah). She does not do any dainty stepping however. She is always thinking and busy on her blackberry, sending and receiving messages to and from leaders around the globe, she knows in her position she has fully replaced a size 10 man's shoe with a pair of pumps.

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By Yvonne Davis
Middle East Online

Who In The World Is Natalie McIntyre?

Natalie  McIntyre (aka Macy Gray) is touted by many to have soared to musical stardom at the end of the 1990s. And in some ways she definitely did.

However, I recently read an account of her story in Fitting in Is Overrated, a wonderful book by Leonard Felder (a psychologist, counselor, author and occasional contributor to my favourite publication Ode Magazine), in which her seemingly meteoric rise to celebrity is cast quite differently.

Felder’s gives a more human, and I think more interesting account of Natalie McIntyre’s youth than other articles I’ve read, and describes how she stumbled in fits and starts into a career as a successful singer songwriter.

Here’s a short version of Macy Gray’s story, based on bits and pieces taken from a section in Felder’s book, as well as others found at the links below:

Ann Njeri (Change Agent) Takes a Pledge of Peace

ann-njeri.jpgA few years ago my family, was kicked out of our home after some tribal clashes. My family is from the Kikuyu tribe and we have often been at war with another tribe the Kalenjin.

The clashes always cause a lot of innocent deaths and suffering. The hate between the tribes keeps on spreading. In January last year, more than a thousand people were brutally killed and hundreds of thousands internally displaced.

Even before my family was kicked out of our home, I already hated all Kalenjins. I had been fed with a biased frame and prejudices against them. When my family was thrown out of our home, my hatred grew. I wanted everyone to hate them. I kept passing on the seedlings of hate to all willing listeners.