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Too Young to Be a Mother...

By Susan Macaulay

cards-from-africa.jpgBefore 1994, Germaine lived with her 9 brothers and sisters and her mom and dad, who were a businessman and a teacher, respectively.

Both of her parents and her five eldest siblings were slaughtered in the genocide and she was left at age 11 as the oldest of her brethren, to care for her 3 younger sisters and 1 younger brother. In addition to losing her family, Germaine was left with a demolished house and no belongings.

Her siblings were in desperate need of nourishment and clothing. Germaine was frustrated because she believed she was not supposed to be supporting these children who looked up to her as the almighty. Children would come to her for answers she didn't have, because what she had seen was completely beyond her grasp.

My Mom, Your Mom, His Mom

By Rahul Mukharjee

...To my mom!

"No My Lord! I don’t recognise this women and I have never seen these three children..."

Today, at the age of 37, whenever I imagine a woman in her late twenties with her three sons of six, nine and 14 years, in front of a man in witness box uttering the above line, I feel ashamed to realise that it was my Father! And I was the youngest one at the time!

AGMC meets AWR

By Jennifer Marriott

I’ve occupied myself doing lots of ‘stuff’ in my grown-up life.

I flirted with the broadcasting industry, as ‘on air’ talent and behind the scenes control freak.  I worked as a waitress, bartender, restaurant manager, cook and dishwasher. Sometimes all in the same day.

I knocked around the communications industry – graphic design, advertising and marketing – until it didn't like me very much, and I liked it even less.

Finding Hope, When All Else Fails

By Catherine Pastille

They were trying to save her life.

That’s why the attending medical staff had ushered me away from my mother’s bedside, leaving me to stand alone in the middle of the hospital corridor.

I felt as if an invisible umbilical cord was being shredded. It was quite strange. Although I was an adult, I became aware that there was something quite powerful that connected us, and I sensed it being pulled away from the center of my body – I could feel it, in physical way.

The doctors asked what I wished them to do – resuscitate? Use a ventilator? Let her go? I was at the center of what felt like an approaching storm – one I knew I could not avoid.

It was then that I saw her coming toward me with open arms; and when I did, I knew in an instant that this was no ordinary moment…

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Machetes No Match for 79-Year-Old Mama Zula

By Susan Macaulay

amazing_bravery.jpgWhen the genocide in Rwanda began in 1994, Mama Zula was a 79-year-old grandmother who, up until then, had led a relatively unremarkable life.

By the end of the nation-wide massacre, she was a hero

From a Friday sometime in April 1994, Mama Zula began sheltering friends and neighbours in her home in Gitarama, Rwanda’s second largest city.

She kept 100 people hidden for 67 days, despite repeated threats from machete-wielding militia members who swore they would kill her if she didn’t open the doors to her home.