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A Tribute to Roberta Munroe

Posted by Sue Munroe
July 10, 2009

roberta_munroe_cropped.jpgHi everyone, I have never written a tribute before, but I thought I would start with writing about my mother. (She's the one smiling on the left in this family photo.)

My mother died from cancer at age 54 in 1999. This event changed my life and my family's life. I have always been amazed  how she never lost her spirit to live even at the darkest moments of her illness.

My mother was a nurse in a very small hospital in a very small town in a very small province of Canada. She knew almost all of the staff who worked there and treated everyone with love and respect.

A Tribute to Delores Neuman

Posted by Louis Wolf
May 9, 2009

Dolores Neuman was my beloved wife and mother to our daughter Emma (now 24) during our 29 glorious years together. She passed of kidney cancer last June after fighting for her life and living twice as long as her doctors originally gave her to live.

A Tribute to Mandee Mason

Posted by Elisabeth Still
April 28, 2009

beth_still_2.jpgI want to pay tribute to this woman because she is the best mother I could ever have, even if she is not truly my mother.

I want to give tribute to this woman who took my two siblings and myself in to her home.

I want to tribute this to her because she is wonderful. Having two children of her own she took us in, and loved us like her own.

I wish their was something i could have done for her to make her life easier.

A Tribute to Gillian Price

Posted by Mark Barker
March 24, 2009

My sister.

Some time ago with one young girl and a baby of less than 1 month old, she was told that her husband had died of a heart attach whilst playing hockey.

He was 36 years old... There is no extended family or family nearby. After her husband’s death she looked after her frail father-in-law until his subsequent death not long after.