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Nancy Wake (Saboteur/Special agent)

Nancy WakeCONVIVIAL, and not averse to a drink, Nancy Wake could often be found cheering up a cocktail bar.

In the late 1940s, and again towards the end of her life, it might have been the American Bar of the Stafford Hotel, just across the road from The Economist’s offices in London.

In 1940, when she was living as a newlywed in Vichy France, it could have been another American Bar, this one in the Hôtel du Louvre et de la Paix in Marseilles.

A Tribute To Susan Macaulay


Posted by Adina Luca

I met Susan in Italy some years ago. She was loud, pink and ageless. And Amazing Women Rock was just a project.

I said to myself: I hope to be like Susan when I grow up. I have followed Amazing Women Rock over the last several years - this post is in honour of the third anniversary of the AWR website.

A Tribute To Doris Harris On Her 8Oth Birthday

Doris_HarrisSusan notes: I had the great pleasure of working with Doris Harris in the late 1980s at Baker Lovck in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As she is now, Doris was always full of life and fun and well-respected and loved by all those who knew her.

While at Baker Lovick, she somehow managed to keep all of us organized before the days of the Internet, e-mail, scanning, and digital everything.

I join Doris's friends and family everywhere in wishing her a happy 80th birthday on May 25, 2011, and I'm pleased to publish this poem written by Sharon Robinson specifically for the occasion.

How would one describe Doris?

A tribute to Elham Al Qasimi, An Inspiration To All Arab Girls

Posted by Daniya Almarzouqi
January 13, 2011

elham-al-qasimi.jpgElham Al Qasimi the Emirati women that skied her way to the North Pole. She’s an inspiration to me, and all Arab girls to follow their dreams and make it happen.

No matter what the society that we are in thinks of women, if we have a dream that we think is good for us we should chase it, and make the impossible possible to turn our dream into reality.

Last year Elham Al Qasimi came to our school, she explained to us how her journey to the North Pole was, and how hard it was first for her to convince her parents into doing this.

When he parents finally allowed her, she had to go to train herself to ski in Ski Dubai and I think to the United States as well.

A Tribute to Darlis Johnson

Posted by Aisha
January 13, 2011

darlis-johnson.jpgI see in her eyes the passion to help people. Her name is Darlis Johnson, Our co-founder of Khadarlis for Sierra Leone.

We meet in 2007 and right away I knew she had a heart of Gold. I was busy telling her stories about My grandmother's village Jimmi, in the Bo Districk of Sierra Leone. She said to me stop for a minute, are you talking about the Sierra Leone that is in the Movie Blood Diamond? Is it true that they killed all those chilldren, made some child soldier, amputated kids, adults and elderly so they could not vote, all over diamonds?

Her questions where endless....