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A Tribute to Mary Grace Colet

Posted by Diana Jean Reyes
March 2, 2009

I don’t even remember when or where or how we started hanging out at the University of the Philippines campus.

All I know is that I am grateful that we did because the last 15 years or so of my life would not have been the wonderful and meaningful journey that it has been without your friendship...

A Tribute to Marlene Roes

Posted by Thomas Roes
February 27, 2009

A Tribute to a Real Woman

To my wonderful wife– who’s selfless love is beyond words and expression. You are my best friend and lover.  You are all that I am.

Her name is Marlene.  She is an inspiration to both men and woman. Her motives are selfless.  Most of those who give, do it knowing they will receive internal rewards and external praise.  But she gives as the immortals do, seeing beyond the temporal.

A Eulogy for Judy O'Sullivan

Judy - Oh what a wonderful friend and colleague.

Judy once told her sister that she became a teacher because it was a profession that offered and adequate income yet gave her the summers off.  However we know she stayed with it because she cared so much for all the children.  Judy gave more than her expertise.  She gave her love. All children were cherished.

Qantas Pays Tribute to Nancy-Bird Walton

One of Australia's most famous aviators, Nancy-Bird Walton, died on January 13, at the age of 93.

In October 2008, Qantas named an aircraft after this amazing woman and aviator.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce described Walton as a "trailblazer for Australian women pilots and an inspirational figure in Australian aviation."

In her remarks at the A380 naming ceremony Walton said: "Qantas announced that they would name this magnificent aircraft after me on my 90th birthday nearly three years ago. And i made it my business to stay alive until today's ceremony. And I've made it! I've made it."

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A Tribute to My Grandmother

Posted By Yang-Mai Ooi

My Grandmother's Recipe for Soy Sauce Chicken

I’ve been collecting notes for a memoir of my childhood growing up in Malaysia and my coming of age in England.

I got to thinking about all the people who have been in my life. Some of them, like my family, are a part of me and others, like friends and my partner, have become an important part of my life. Others have come and gone or just passed through. But many have left something behind - curious legacies that, taken together, make up the fabric of who I am.

In these notes, I write about some of these curious legacies. Today: My Grandmother’ Recipe for Soy Sauce Chicken