A Tribute to Gillian Price

Posted by Mark Barker
March 24, 2009

My sister.

Some time ago with one young girl and a baby of less than 1 month old, she was told that her husband had died of a heart attach whilst playing hockey.

He was 36 years old... There is no extended family or family nearby. After her husband’s death she looked after her frail father-in-law until his subsequent death not long after.

My brother and I both live here in Dubai, our mother lives over a 150 km away from my sister; our mother is over 70 and on her own, so now Gill is the only person in the family that lives “nearby."

Her daughters are wonderful girls, and brought up well.

Perhaps there are many other women in this position out there, but the greatest tribute that I can give to my sister is that not once have I ever heard her complain, and never has she sat there and felt sorry for herself.