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Heather's mom

I love Heather Anderson's video tribute to her mom; I found it on YouTube :)

She also wrote this:

I'm sure all daughters with amazing mothers would argue this, but truly my mother has given me such an amazing life. I'm so lucky to have her to guide me and support me through everything, and I mean everything, in life. She battled it through a bad marriage, she overcame breast cancer while competing in Marathons and Triathlons, she supported me and my sister as a single mom, had 3 jobs, and always had love in her heart and a smile on her face. She taught hundreds of kindergarteners, and still teaches all age levels. She recently has hosted Yoga events in the bible belt, she's been on TV and inspires everyone everywhere she goes, at the coffee shop, in malls, at the gas station, she is fearless to share her love and compassion for all people. She keeps our family connected, always sending cards and care packages, baking fresh bread and cookies and sending them to me in California. She is such a phenomenal woman, despite having a rough childhood. Through it all she has no regrets, no remorse, and lives life to its fullest!! I am honored to be her daughter, the world is a better place because she's in it. This I can be sure. She has given so much of herself, for her to win this prize would help get her out of debt and above water again. It would be the greatest gift I could give her is this opportunity!! God bless her!!

A Tribute to Susan Macaulay

Posted By Valerie Abernathy                                          

Susan, I had to do this short tribute to say AWR is fantastic, you are fantastic. I watched from afar the growth of your dream, from concept to reality......what an intrepid woman you are...