A Tribute to Susan Macaulay

Posted By Sarah Dang

First of all, I would like to say, what I am writing is not really a story, it is exactly my thought. :-)

This is a friend of mine. Her name is Susan. She is a very beautiful, intelligent and ambitious woman.

Her ambition is to make the AmazingWomenRock popular to every woman in the world, because it is created for women.


dsc_526_2.jpgPerhaps, this AmazingWomenRock is her only child. It is on the way of growing up and will be successful in a very soon future. It is going to change women's lives, one woman, two women, maybe more...including me. It changed my thought and the way I work.


We have been working together for a time, I can only understand her through working, not much but I learned a lot from her: the patience, the self-confidence, the ambition....


I am in working time, therefore I could not write a lot. :-) Sorry!

I would like to close this essay with her quotation, "Knowledge comes with time and experience but intelligence we are born with, so let us learn. You will get the knowledge."


Thank you Susan, you are a great friend! :-*


Wish you and AWR all the bests, success and happiness!!!