A Tribute to Kathi McKenna

Posted By Susan Macaulay

Ten years younger, so much brighter, a world away, and yet still my rock.

Kathi, you have been my biggest fan, my greatest cheerleader for so long: always there when I need you, a great listener, able to put things in perspective, full of unconditional love. You are my amazing angel: wise, clever, and insightful.

There have been occasions over the years when we haven’t talked for months at a time. In fact, now is one of them. But when we reconnect, it’s like we’ve spoken only the day before, despite the distance and the fact that our lives are so TOTALLY different.

17.jpgYou longed for children and were finally blessed with Nolan when you were on the cusp of turning 40. (Motherhood? Oh no, not for me!) The first and the only time I’ve seen you with Nolan was coincidentally, the last time I saw you. You were a new mom, he was a tiny baby – was it five or six years ago?

I don’t have to see you together to know you are the kind of mom that every kid would want: a wellspring of playfulness, openness and laughter. You see the good in everybody and everything. You practice wonder and joy as a matter of routine. And you LOVE to have fun. What child wouldn’t want a parent like you? Lucky Nolan. (And lucky Francis too – for having such a wonderful wife)

Happy Birthday my amazing KG. Thank you for all your love and support over the years. I love you tons and tons and tons you amazing woman. I miss you always. XOX Susie