A Tribute to Ray and Larry Gold

Posted By Marion Gold                          

For more than fifty years before their passing, my parents filled their home in Fair Lawn, New Jersey with love and tender care. It was their first "house," the place where they would raise their family - where they would realize their own dreams, and wish for the future happiness and prosperity of their children.
Both children of European immigrants, Mom and Dad set a beautiful example of great strength, courage and love throughout their lives. They understood that life is a journey that takes us through conflicts of passion and conscience, disappointments and tragedies. But life also takes us to unknown places in the heart and mind that are filled with wonder and creativity.

My parents gave their children the gifts of their love and strength, and the encouragement to explore those unknown places. They were not involved in politics, or well-known community leaders. But it is because of so many people like my parents that communities around America grew to be such wonderful places to grow up, to go to school, and to realize our own dreams.