A Tribute to Kathleen Davies

Posted By Susan Macaulay

I still remember the first time we met – in the public speaking course that was part of the PR programme at Mount Royal College.

When I got up to introduce myself, I referred back to something you had said in your own introduction. I looked at you, trying to make a connection, hoping for support.
You stared back blankly, coldly, with a slight frown on your face.

Months later, I bluntly told you in journalism class: “your headline sucks.” I only learned (years later), when you laughingly recounted the story, how hurt and deflated you had been by my ill-considered comment.

Who would have thought that such a great friendship would develop from such an inauspicious start?

Little did we know then that:
  • We would spend Christmasses and New Year’s Eves together. Or that our birthdays are only a week apart and that we would celebrate many of them jointly. (Remember hurdy gurdy, look who’s thurdy on you garage door?)
  • The gourmet dinner “club” we formed with Pam and Dave and Les and Terry, which was so daunting for you initially, would become a kind of stepping stone for you to blossom into the fabulous cook that you are today.
  • in_rome.jpgYou would allow me the privilege of being there (up close and personal !), when both Lindsay and Gavin were born. Or that the photos I took of you, Martin and the babes in the delivery room would always sit proudly on the dresser in your bedroom. (What amazing moments those were. I will never, ever forget them. I remember when Lindsay was born, someone said: “It’s a girl” and we all started to cry. And then when Gavin was born, someone said: “It’s a boy” and we all started to cry. I’m smiling right now as I think of it. )
  • You would go back to school and learn Spanish – from scratch !!!! That you would travel the world studying it. Or that you would one day become proficient enough to teach it to others. Wow. That always blows me away. Always.
  • You would be a “soccer mom” who raised two gorgeous, talented and smart children who are now young adults and finding their own ways in the world. Or that you would still be married after 20 years (when I am not lol), despite all the trials and tribulations that marriage brings.
  • We would share so many joys (and some tears), in the years to come.

We didn’t know all that stuff then. But we know it now!

Photographer, PR practitioner, writer, wife, mom, fabulous cook, Spanish instructor (maybe soon to be translator), mountaineer, sportswoman, dear friend and so much more.

You are amazing Davies, and I love you.