A Tribute to Cheryl Taylor

Posted By Susan Macaulay

I love you amazing woman. Despite the challenges you’ve faced in your life, laughter, joy and compassion bubble up from your core like fresh water from a spring.

Of all the people I know, I think you are the most caring.
You’re always there to support friends with a kind word, an attentive ear and an open heart. I know that for a fact because I’ve been on the receiving end of your empathy, sympathy and wise counsel.

I clearly remember the last time we brunched – at that little health food restaurant on 37th Street, the name of which escapes me at the moment. You listened, commiserated, and listened some more. We agreed that we deserve the best, nothing less. We laughed of course. I may have cried. You enveloped me in your aura of love and goodness – I am still comforted by it’s warmth, two years later and half a world away.

7112008_81808_0.jpg Equally important are you writing skills and your wit. Yours are the best gnus letters ever – hands down, no contest. I loved the one in which you described some of your “dates” of the previous year thus:

  • One whose dog looked like Benicio Del Toro (too bad he didn’t!)
  • One who read books about computer motherboards and bike frames
  • An athlete who, if he won a gold medal, would have had it bronzedOne who took an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes
  • Mr. Itchy Bits
  • One who couldn’t turn water into wine, but he did turn a student loan into alcohol
  • One who announced that he hadn't read a book since he left high school (I could tell)

And then there’s your sometimes slapstick sense of humour. Or should I say slap shot?
Finally, you are SOOOO photogenic ;) (I wonder, though, if the dates get intimidated by the rolling pin?)

Wonderful, crazy, amazing woman you, My Precious Sweet Babycakes Loved One! Muah.