A Tribute to Debbie Goodbody

Posted By Lynn Hamam                                     


Friends since we were 5 years old, we have walked a long, winding path through life together.

We have played, laughed, fought, cried and somehow worked our way through to today. Your friendship is a great blessing in my life, a constant that I know will remain no matter what.
I have witnessed your growth through tears and heartbreak to become one of the strongest women I know. You reinvented yourself through a period of great pain to become the beautiful woman you are today, earning your Masters degree and making a difference in the lives of so many families through your work and caring heart.
You have raised two fantastic girls, who are the continuing essence of their mother, but with so many qualities of their own.

I won't say what you are to your family, I will leave it for them to answer here in their own words. But to me you are My Debs, my soul sister, I love you and think you are an amazing woman!