Practice Makes IMperfect!

Micaela passeriGuest blog post by Micaela “Bubola” Passeri.

Are you an "IMperfectionist?"  An imperfectionist is someone who understands that perfect is great but that it’s also ok not to be and that imperfection is actually more appealing anyway.

When you take a look at a piece of art whether it’s a sculpture, painting or carefully designed dress, you will most likely spot some imperfections.

Creation is a process and in that process there are inexplicable inspirations that together with the rest of the puzzle pieces make up a very interesting piece of work.

The rawness and irregularity in a couture piece that could appear ugly if considered alone, seems beautiful and perfect in the ensemble. We are drawn to randomness and idiosyncrasies, especially when we know they were put there on purpose, with thought.

We do the same when looking for a mate.  We might like looking at the "pretty" and "perfect appearance" of a potential mate but we are attracted by the "flaws" of the "not so put together" look and the asymmetrical qualities of the "cool personality".

Why do we do that? Why are we so attracted by jagged edges, distortions and odd shapes when we tell ourselves we seek perfection? I believe the answer is because we know that the truth is imperfect, but we are told to look for perfection and so we do.

With all of the messages coming our way from the media, our peers and general information, it is easy to get influenced, sidetracked or even convinced that everything we do and are has to be perfect. But no one reminds us that we are imperfect in nature and while being perfect is something we can strive to, it is not the end all when it comes to having a fulfilling personal, social and business life (especially in our romantic life). 

Is there really such a thing as a perfect mate?  A perfect relationship?  Freedom is in the imperfection, because in that we get to be ourselves.

It is ok to not get it right all the time, it is ok to make mistakes; it is ok to be imperfect. In fact, we should all be imperfectionists, be great at being imperfect. 

I am not saying you get to act with inconsideration, laziness or without putting your best self forward, but there is something to be said about accepting oneself for who we are and accepting what we create, giving us room for more growth and excellence to come in.

We can see this everywhere, in all arenas, in all industries, in all cultures.  Come for a second into my world, the fashion world.  Ever wonder why some of the biggest European designers are so popular (Cavalli, Vivienne Westwood, Pucci, et al)? 

They are ok with their imperfection and have put it out in the market place as a representation of a part of them without fear or worry of judgment or rejection. They are true to their calling and their work, and people flock to them to have a piece of that truth, of that acceptance of imperfection, as they too seek for it in themselves.

Now try applying this to your world.  Is there such a thing as too right?

We are so busy being perfect, we forget to stop and smell the roses, accept whom we are with for who they are imperfections and all, pat ourselves in the back, or acknowledge someone for a job well done. When we seek perfection, we have to be careful, we just might miss out on the real gem that might be lying beneath it.

Raised in Florence, Italy, Micaela "Bubola" Passeri's is an author, speaker & style expert. She is the founder of the Love You Revolution, an empowering apparel line, writes guests articles for & is the style & travel expert for KSRO's Travel Talk radio. "Bubola" creates custom designs for business owners & entrepreneurs, and leads workshops for students and women.  Find Bubola & follow the Love You Revolution on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube

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