27 Pearls of Everyday Feminine Wisdom

FINAL efw1SheQuotes quotes women exclusively on Twitter and Facebook. This week's favourite quotes are listed below. If you use these quotes, please attribute them to the women who said them.

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"True success is found in being the person that you want to be & living the life you want to live." ~ @KatieZeppieri

"A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life to be thankful for a good one." ~ @ash4hol

"Being a sex symbol is a heavy load to carry, especially when one is tired, hurt & bewildered." ~ Marilyn Monroe 

"We always have the power of choice, use it wisely." ~ @mariaerving 

"Don't be afraid of change; without it there would be no butterflies." ~ Unknown/ @SophieVaughan 

"It's a waste of my common sense trying to make any sense of the nonsense." ~ @AlyaaAlHakeem 

"Men will always sell u dreams! Real men make ur dreams come true!" ~ @SagPhoenix 

"The hardest thing is to listen to your instincts & your intuition, they always whisper never shout." ~ @Amanyzayed 

"Judge me not. I am what I am." ~ @realtrisha 

"Meaning, not money, creates true happiness, but money provides a comfort level on which meaning may rest." ~

"The most beautiful woman is one that does NOT have to wear make-up. But can be beautiful 'au naturelle'!" ~ @Berealwthit 

"Greatness is about who you were born to be. Not about who you are pretending to be." ~ @DeeCMarshall 

"There is only one person responsible for your happiness and she is reading this rule right now." ~ @chloelimm 

"Once you believe in your awesome self, others will follow your lead." ~ @LoriMoreno 

"A child that doesn't find pure love at home may accept corrupt love elsewhere." ~ @keepingcount 

"I'm an ordinary woman having a fantastic life." ~ @syuhadaa

"Women are not moody. We simply have days when we are less inclined to put up with crap." ~ @KarenDarbyUK 

 "Trust is earned, not free flowing like raindrops falling from the sky." ~ @laeishab 

"I roll with the punches. It's the kicks to the head I have issues with!" ~ @pamthompson28  

"Don't compare yourself to others. You're your own person. Be happy with that." ~ @DreamMe_Forever 

"I can't expect people to accept the real me, if I show up as a pretend person." ~ @knightstoni 

"Your world will expand for every step you dare to take outside your comfort zone." ~ @mariaerving 

"Change the way the world thinks by changing the way you think about yourself." ~ @jocameron 

"If you're afraid to do it. Do it afraid!" ~ @Bluetufty 

"Don't let anyone dictate ur self worth. #Confidence & #pride in urself are ur best attributes." ~ @kellypoziomka  

"Don't wait around for someone to call u beautiful to feel or believe that you are beautiful." ~ @ShesGlam 

"Do one thing every day that scares you." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt / @bernieisagirl

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