17 Pearls Of Everyday #Wisdom (Vol 6)

FINAL efw1SheQuotes quotes women exclusively on Twitter and Facebook. This week's favourite quotes are listed below. If you use these quotes, please attribute them to the women who said them.

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4) “When the men kill, it is up to us women to fight for the preservation of life.” ~ Clara Zetkin (Politician/Women's Rights Campaigner)

5) “Never limit yourself because of others' limited imagination.” ~ Mae Jemison

6) "I desire to touch the sky, hear the unseen, feel a stone, smell a sound.” ~ @Faronomics

7) "Women are not a special interest group. We are half of humanity." ~ @AmazingSusan

8) “Women have been called queens for a long time, but the kingdom given them isn't worth ruling.” ~ Louisa May Alcott (Novelist)

9) “Our natures are a lot like oil, mix us with anything else, & we strive to swim on top.” ~  Joan Rivers (Comedian/TV Personality/Actress)

10) “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ~ @Phoenix28478

11)  “Sometimes when you set out to help yourself, you end up helping everybody.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

12) "It's never to late to stand up for your rights! Stop injustice from going any further!" ~ @MaryamAlNadhir

13) “Talk to my heart. That's where real talking starts.” ~  Tina Turner (Queen of Rock)

14) “Most of the people you see in lingerie stores you would want to see it lingerie.” ~ Maxine

15) "Men have written history for centuries. It's time for herstory.” ~ @AmazingWomen

16) “We must always be prepared for endless waves of transformation.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

17) “Live passionately with purpose and help others to do the same.” ~ @victoriahelm

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