19 Pearls Of Everyday Wisdom (2)

FINAL efw1SheQuotes quotes women exclusively on Twitter and Facebook. This week's favourite quotes are listed below. If you use these quotes, please attribute them to the women who said them.

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6) "I'd rather get laid, well & often." ~ VOX POP woman in the street

7) “’Sexy' is not an attribute. It's an attitude." ~ @AmazingWomen 

8) “Well behaved women rarely make history. Or decent margaritas.” ~ Maxine 

9) "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." ~ Alice Walker

10) “Actually, it's pretty scary to think what politicians could do if they started working together.” ~ Maxine 

11) "If you want to live in hope, you have to build it" ~ @chambredespoir

12) "Women are the center of the universe, we balance, feed & provide strength to human kind." ~ @MarG2104

13) “I do a lot of charity work – that is, if volunteering my opinion counts.” ~ Maxine 

14) "Embrace controversy. Use its energy to propel your ideas fwd." ~ @GloriaFeldt

15) “Reality is nothing but a collective hunch.” ~ Lily Tomlin

16) "Whatever you do is either an opportunity for success, or for learning." ~ @DrAthenaStaik

17) "Learn to collect experiences, not stuff." ~ @ninayau

18) "U must sometimes immerse urself in total darkness 2 fully appreciate the beauty of the stars." ~ @AmazingSusan

19) “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” ~ Gloria Steinem

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