16 Pearls Of Everyday #Wisdom (Vol 5)

FINAL efw1SheQuotes quotes women exclusively on Twitter and Facebook. This week's favourite quotes are listed below. If you use these quotes, please attribute them to the women who said them.

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4) "If you do not create the life you desire, who will? ~ @LoriMoreno

5) "We spend so much time trying to be better. Let's spend more time just being who we are" @Joan_Kappes

6) "We all have the power to be amazing in our own way." ~ @TouchThere

7) “We must trust our own thinking. Trust where we're going. And get the job done.” ~ Wilma Mankiller

8) “Women are angels. When someone breaks our wings, we keep flying - on a broomstick." @PennySundquist

9) "Success is getting what u want; #happiness is wanting what u get." ~ Ingrid Bergman / @RACHEListheRIOT

10) “Our thoughts fuel the direction and quality of our daily lives.” ~ @JanetNestor

11)  “Our heart is located on our left side, maybe thats why it's not always right.” ~ @dianarTW_JB

12) "The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself." ~ SATC / @karimahrobinson

13) "Don't send a man to the grocery store." ~ Comic Jeanne Robertson

14) "A man who treats a woman like a queen was probably raised by one." ~ Unknown / @xmasri

15) "What do dreams know of boundaries?" ~ Amelia Earhart

16) “Where passion lies success follows." ~ @laberger

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