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What REAL Women Do YOU Look Up To?

Brenna_Smith_3Guest blog post by philanthropist and author Brenna Smith.

As a child, I wanted to be Barbie. I saw her as flawless in every way from looks, to accessories, to Ken.

I couldn't imagine a better way to exist, and who wouldn't want all of their worldly possessions to come in Pepto-Bismol Pink?! I knew it would be utopia if I could just be a part of her perfectly pink plastic world.

After Barbie was passé, I tried a stint as Punky Brewster, but the ever watchful adults in my life kept me from rebelling too much (thank you).

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Caroline Casey On Moving Beyond Our Limits

Caroline-CaseyActivist Caroline Casey tells the story of her extraordinary life, starting with a revelation (no spoilers).

In a talk that challenges perceptions, Casey asks us all to move beyond the limits we may think we have.

First, Caroline Casey put Ireland on the accessibility map. Now she's changing the global social landscape for people with disabilities.

Caroline Casey has dedicated the past decade of her life to changing how global society views people with disabilities.

In 2000, she rode 1,000 kilometers across India on an elephant to raise funds for Sight Savers.

Then, as founding CEO of Kanchi in Dublin, she developed a set of best practices (based on ISO 9000 quality standards) for businesses, to help them see "disabled" workers as an asset as opposed to a liability.

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