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How To Write a Tribute or Eulogy

How To Write a Tribute or Eulogy

Writing a tribute to someone you love and/or admire can be an emotional and rewarding experience. Doing it while they’re still alive makes it more meaningful.

When writing a eulogy, it is an opportunity to acknowledge the importance of the life lived, and to remind survivors of the memories and legacy left behind.

These are great resources with good information:

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Be Savvy: Use Proper Email Etiquette

These guidelines ABSOLUTELY apply to ALL of us who send e-mail. Please read the short letter below; even if you’re sure you already follow proper procedures.?

Do you really know how to forward e-mails safely and courteously? ?Do you wonder why you get viruses or junk mail? Do you hate it??

Every time you forward an e-mail, you forward information about the people who got the message before you—namely, their names and e-mail addresses.? As the message gets forwarded along, the list of addresses builds, and builds, and builds, and all it takes is for some poor sap to get a virus, and his or her computer can send that virus to every e-mail address that has come across his or her computer.?..

Or someone can take all those addresses and sell them to a spammer, or send junk mail to them in the hope that people will go to their site and they will make five cents for each hit. That’s right—all of that inconvenience for a nickel!? How can we stop it?