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Madeleine Albright On Being A Woman And A Diplomat

madeleine-albright.jpgFormer US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright talks bluntly about politics and diplomacy, making the case that women's issues deserve a place at the center of foreign policy.

Far from being a "soft" issue, she says, women's issues are often the very hardest ones, dealing directly with life and death. A frank and funny Q&A with Pat Mitchell from the Paley Center.

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Jacqueline Novogratz A Third Way To Think About Aid (Jun 2009)

jacqueline-novogratz.jpgThe debate over foreign aid often pits those who mistrust "charity" against those who mistrust reliance on the markets. Jacqueline Novogratz proposes a middle way she calls patient capital, with promising examples of entrepreneurial innovation driving social change.

Jacqueline Novogratz founded and leads Acumen Fund, a nonprofit that takes a businesslike approach to improving the lives of the poor.

In her new book, The Blue Sweater, she tells stories from the new philanthropy, which emphasizes sustainable bottom-up solutions over traditional top-down aid.

One of the most innovative players shaping philanthropy today, Jacqueline Novogratz is redefining the way problems of poverty can be solved around the world.

Drawing on her past experience in banking, microfinance and traditional philanthropy, Novogratz has become a leading proponent for financing entrepreneurs and enterprises that can bring affordable clean water, housing and healthcare to poor people so that they no longer have to depend on the disappointing results and lack of accountability seen in traditional charity and old-fashioned aid.

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Tala Badri on Happiness in F Major

tala-badri.jpgMusic teacher Tala Badri is the founder and executive director of Centre for Musical Arts,
 a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable 
music instruction for people of all ages and walks of life in the UAE.

She has personally experienced the transformational power of music through her own life as well as that of her young daughter who has Asperger's syndrome.

Badri began her talk with a video clip of her daughter playing the violin, then later shared a heartwarming to camera talk of the youngster explaining what it means to have Asperger's.

It was both touching and personal.

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