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Holiday Sister Pact? Let's Start One!

joann-corley.jpgBy JoAnn Corley, management coach.

The holiday season is coming up for Christians around the world. One element of having a successful, less stressful holiday season is to give each other a break - I call it "space and grace."

Clearly there is exponentially more pressure on women than men to plan, manage, and execute all the doings of the season...

Religion & Feminism: Mutually Exclusive?

anajune20104.jpgBy Emilia Ana Cosma (aka @HungryFeminist), feminist, student.

Disclaimer: I am a woman, I am a feminist, and I am a bleeding heart liberal.

Yes, I personally do believe in some sort of higher power. I believe in a God who is gender-less and hate-less, and I believe that religious texts should be interpreted personally and not literally.

Colour Me Muslim: An American Mother

Susan notes: This guest post is by Karachi-born Muslim American Author Dilara Hafiz. She holds degrees from John Hopkins University and the London School of Economics. She has drawn upon her years of teaching weekend Islamic school, lecturing about Islam, and raising Muslim teenagers to contribute to The American Muslim Teenager’s Handbook which she co-wrote with her daughter Yasmine and her son Imran. The opinions expressed in the post are those of the author, and not necessarily mine or those of Amazing Woman Rock.

colour-me-muslim.jpg“I think I’m a Muslim…but I’m not sure.”

Hearing those words uttered hesitantly by a vulnerable-looking teenager one day after I finished a presentation on Islam at the local high school only strengthened my resolve to continue raising my two children as Muslims, regardless of the post-9/11 environment.

Too many kids were falling by the wayside due to insecurities, lack of knowledge, and the overwhelmingly negative connotations associated with Islam.

As a teacher at my local weekend Islamic school, a speaker for the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona, and most important, as the parent of two American Muslim children, I knew that I could not give up.