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Monika Nowaczyk (Social Entrepreneur)

Monika NowaczykI started to be interested in the art of knitting when I was a in Austria, a 6 year old child of a refugee family fleeing Communist Poland for a better life in Canada.

Being so young, I didn’t fully understand the situation we were in, just that we weren’t home and were never going back.

And I didn't understand until many years later just how fortunate I was because of it.

Dorothee Royal-Hedinger (Food Activist)

Dorothee Royal-HedingerGrowing up in the suburbs, I never knew what food really was or where it came from.

To me, food came from the supermarket, and it recently occurred to me that if I found myself in the city without a grocery store, I would likely starve!

That seemed like a pretty sad fate for a girl whose ancestors grew most of what they consumed.

Belinda Swank (Changent/Fundraiser)

Belinda SwankDuring this year the one question that everybody asks me is, “Why are you doing this?”

I read a quote this morning from my husband’s favorite writer Dr Seuss that said: "Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple."

I tried to explain it to everybody, making it sound more complicated than what it was.

Rachel Zedeck (Changent/Eco-Farmer)

Rachel ZedeckI first arrived in Kenya in 2007 while in transit to Southern Sudan.

Before Africa, I had been working on other missions including Kosovo, Jordan and Iraq. While I had worked in the humanitarian sector, I had also been employed by commercial firms.

I was finally ready to make a different so why not go to Africa, the Dark Continent!  And of all places, I wanted to work in Sudan.

I was never one to choose anything less than the biggest challenge.

Viviane Negrotto (Changent/Photographer)

Viviane NegrottoAfter a cinema studies master at the Tisch School of the Arts, New-York University, and another master of arts at Jussieu-Paris, I bought my first digital camera at B&H never to leave it!

Photographer for one of the main international press agency: “SIPA Press” since 2005, I had pictures published in the most famous French newspapers and newsmagazines such as: Le Monde, Ulysse, Le Figaro, Libération, l'Express, le Nouvel Obs, Le Point.

I also collaborate on a regular basis with advertisement agencies such as TBWA, Lever de Rideau, Connect Factory, Textuel, Novabox... But this was not enough!