Dorothee Royal-Hedinger (Food Activist)

Dorothee Royal-HedingerGrowing up in the suburbs, I never knew what food really was or where it came from.

To me, food came from the supermarket, and it recently occurred to me that if I found myself in the city without a grocery store, I would likely starve!

That seemed like a pretty sad fate for a girl whose ancestors grew most of what they consumed.

For example, my great-grandmother's family had a small farm where they grew fruits and vegetables, raised animals and even smoked their own meat. She'd probably be a bit disappointed to learn that her great-granddaughter can barely keep a potted flower alive...

I figured there must be other Americans like me who yearn to reconnect with the land and understand more about where their food comes from and how it's made.

So I started which aims to be a one-stop resource to help consumers navigate the American sustainable food landscape.

Mark Andrew Boyer and I are traveling across the country to talk with farmers, urban gardeners, teachers and restaurant owners and sharing blog posts, photos and videos along the way.

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