A Tribute to Marlene Roes

Posted by Thomas Roes
February 27, 2009

A Tribute to a Real Woman

To my wonderful wife– who’s selfless love is beyond words and expression. You are my best friend and lover.  You are all that I am.

Her name is Marlene.  She is an inspiration to both men and woman. Her motives are selfless.  Most of those who give, do it knowing they will receive internal rewards and external praise.  But she gives as the immortals do, seeing beyond the temporal.

Marlene is more than a mom or a wife.  She is a passionate, carefree, and endearing creature full of life, love, and truth.  She seeks the simple, not the complex.  She craves passion, not want.  She serves to please, not for payback.

Her beauty goes beyond the eyes and touches the soul.  Marlene is beautiful on the outside yet even more mesmerizing to the heart. She is a quiet and joyful woman.  Those who know her are inspired by her tranquility and peaceful mindset.  She cares for others and embraces life itself.  She projects a steadfast life inspiring all those she encounters.

Marlene is like a flower hidden in the field.  She perceives life as a journey on a path lined with roses.  Those who go through life quickly may not notice her.  They do not know her. She never complains or worries about conditions, however is rarely recognized for her demeanor or personal accomplishments.  Only those who see through the mist can appreciate her clearly.

Her passion in life is passion itself.  For her there is no competition for power.  She is a woman that a man can only dream exists; yet she does.  Marlene has great understanding of my needs and desires.  She reinforces my strengths and never exploits my weaknesses.

I’ve known her for over 26 years and I love her with all my heart and soul.  We’ve been through life's hardest tests and have had some of the greatest joys this world can offer.

You see, Marlene is God’s answer to my prayers and makes the future worth living. Her eternal love is without question.  Marlene, you are a real woman.