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Erica Jong (Author/Poet/Teacher)

erica_jong.jpgErica Jong (née Mann; born March 26, 1942) is an American author and teacher. She is better known for her fiction and poetry than her other works.

A 1963 graduate of Barnard College, and with an M.A. in 18th century English Literature from Columbia University (1965).

Jong is best known for her first novel, Fear of Flying (1973), which created a sensation with its frank treatment of a woman's sexual desires.

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November 15, 1917, Night of Terror Women Fought For Our Rights

feminist fistSusan notes: some sources say these events occured on November 14. The exact date is unimportant really. What is vital is to remember that the rights women have today were hard won by brave women in the past.

This is the story of American women who were ground-breakers in the women's movement. These brave women and others from around the globe made all the difference in the lives we live today.

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