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Aquarians Let The Sun Shine In (In Our Own Creative, Eccentric, Offbeat, Creative, Innovative, Radical, Rebellious Way)

aquarius-symbolMy 56th birthday will be/is/was Saturday January 28th, and I'm a classic Aquarian through and through.

As with most astrological signs, there's both good and "not so good" in that :P

Here is, in part, what it means:

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Sarah Parcak (Space Archaeologist)

sarah parcakSarah Parcak is an American archaeologist and Egyptologist, who uses satellite imaging to identify archaeological sites in Egypt.

Parcak was born in Bangor, Maine, received her Bachelor's degree in Egyptology and Archaeological Studies from Yale University in 2001, and her Ph.D. from Cambridge University.

Parcak is also a TED Fellow.

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