Angie Miller (Teacher of the Year)

angie millerAngie Miller is the 2011 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year. She has spent the past year traveling the nation, speaking and collaborating with K-12 teachers and other educational stakeholders.

Miller has been immersed in middle school education for 11 years, which has deeply affected her spelling and humor. In a typical classroom that Miller runs, students develop their voices to make change.

Her students have helped an elderly homeless woman completely furnish her new apartment; they have raised enough money to buy a generator so that a village in Southern Sudan could have refrigeration in its health clinic, allowing them to store vaccinations

They have also supported education in Pakistan, and sent funds to the Joplin, Missouri, hospital.

Miller feels it is critical to help her students become educated activists who know when to take action and when to accept reality. She also has the amazing ability to gently inform pre-adolescents when deodorant is necessary.

In this clip, she thanks her favorite teacher: 

Here, she speaks on educational reform (versus destruction!) at a teachers' rally:

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