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A Look at the Benefits of Co-Studying

A Look at the Benefits of Co-Studying

When studying for an online MELCD program, it can be easy to lose focus and fall behind. If you are currently in this situation, you may want to look into the benefits of co-studying. Those who choose to study as part of a group tend to find themselves more productive, less bored, and more informed due to the different perspectives in the group. To find out more about the benefits of co-studying, read on.


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The 3 Best Times to Do Your MBA

The 3 Best Times to Do Your MBA

Getting an MBA can transform your career prospects, however choosing the right time to do it is key. You need to meet the prerequisite requirements, which include having a few years of good executive experience, but you also need to be at a point in your life where it is acceptable to either take time out of full time work, or to spend most of the time you are not working studying.

Here are three times in your life which can be ideal for doing your MBA:


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Should math and evolution be taught in school? Hmmmm. Tough question.

Miss USA on Math


I stumbled on a 2011 video that shocked me.

It purported to be of Miss USA contestants answering the question “Should math be taught in schools?”

I watched in horror as the first few young women gave their answers:



It didn’t take me long to realize it was a parody – a satirical piece poking fun at somthing else. "But at what?” I wondered. Where was the original?

I looked for more information.

Ah. A video by @mackenzief, @kevgot, Leslie Collins, @gracehelbig, @lorrainecink, @jencurran, @risasarachan, @FarynEinhorn, Corinne Donly, @sarajanetaylor, @ericmpearson, Elias Altman, @mclendaniel

They were dissing this:



The answers shook me. Evolution is a "theory" that should NOT be taught in schools?

Oh. My. God. 

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Queen Rania (Queen/Mother/Activist)

queen-rania.jpgRania Al Abdullah (Arabic: الملكة رانيا العبد الله‎ Rānyā al-‘abdu l-Lāh) (born Rania al Yassin on 31 August 1970) is the current Queen consort of Jordan as the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan.

She is one of the world’s most powerful women, and has focused her energy, at home and abroad, on a variety of causes, notably education.

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