My Mom, Your Mom, His Mom

By Rahul Mukharjee

...To my mom!

"No My Lord! I don’t recognise this women and I have never seen these three children..."

Today, at the age of 37, whenever I imagine a woman in her late twenties with her three sons of six, nine and 14 years, in front of a man in witness box uttering the above line, I feel ashamed to realise that it was my Father! And I was the youngest one at the time!

Mom withdrew her divorce case from the court allowing her husband to be free from any legal hassle in his second marriage. It was mom's bold decision against the wishes of all her family members to take full charge of her life at one of the most embarrassing and humiliating moments in her life. Not knowing what she will do next except to protect her dignity as an individual and as a woman.

....And it was a love marriage! and so is mine.

When I asked my father-in-law that I want to marry your daughter and he, after knowing my family background, asked a very straight question "what is the guarantee that you won’t do the same as your father did?" I was speechless for a moment.

...continuing on my mom...

At the time of divorce my mom was 29, simply XII passed, had a small assistant's job in an automobile company in India and had three sons.

From that stage to grow all three of us and giving the best of the world beyond her capacity and simultaneously doing BA, MA, LLB and some professional courses was a journey which I can’t dare to do even being a MAN!

She took voluntary retirement from her service in 1992 and since then has been devoting her time in UNICEF's Indian literacy mission at her place, she has been a yoga trainer till date, translated many women-oriented articles from Urdu to English, produced few radio features...and the list goes on and on....

.... but after her husband (our father) it is us who have been constantly showing her that her trouble has not ended and she has yet to suffer for quite long....

..Mom please forgive us... Three sons and three daughter-in-laws all 'well settled', but it’s the neighbors who come first to serve you, to help you, to be with you when you need someone beside you.... pursuit to fulfill my ambition and making serials/films on women upliftment ...


... why can’t I do something mentionable for 'you' A Women of Substance, a role model and a living example in my life for overcoming all eventuality and crisis of life.

Not to underestimate or unrecognise my wife's contribution in my life but I don’t hesitate to accept one fact, that 'mother' is the best role of woman, which absorbs even worst come worst situation of a man's life and remains purest in heart while responding to her own creation.

I appreciate this unique response of all the women and mothers throughout the world and wish to be at least half of their mental and emotional strength.

To My Mom, Your Mom and his Mom - love you all!  Please take care of yourself!