Why Public Health Is the Perfect Career Path for ‘Women as Nurturers’

Why Public Health Is the Perfect Career Path for ‘Women as Nurturers’

Throughout the ages there have always been archetypes assigned to both men and women and one of the most widely held worldviews of women is that of nurturer. Women have traditionally been seen as the caregiver of the family, the one who is there to feed and bathe and clothe the kids while kissing those boo boos away. Men, on the other hand, are the archetypal fixers and providers.

Even in today’s hi tech 21st Century those archetypes are still prevalent in much of the world and so if you see yourself as the archetypal woman, you just might want to pursue a career in public health. Here’s why.

What Exactly Is a Career in Public Health?

When you think of public health, what do you think of? Most people automatically flit to careers at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Yes, that is the most widely recognized employer in the arena of public health but there are literally thousands of positions on a state, county and municipal level that your options are almost endless. From nursing at a public health clinic to overseeing a statewide nutrition program for lactating mothers, you can get a masters in public health online and live the life of nurturer on a much broader scale.

What You Can Do with a Master of Public Health

Most often, those who go far enough in their education to get a master of public health degree are usually into administration or research. However, you can focus on concentrated studies in health services such as you would provide at one of the thousands of public health clinics or you could have a concentration in applied epidemiology to work towards a greater understanding and prevention of diseases that spread like wildfire. Do you just want to promote better health by teaching others to make healthier choices or do you see yourself as a program administrator? As a nurturer you can fulfill your basic instincts while making a difference in the lives of countless others. Why not earn a decent wage doing what you love? There’s nothing in the book that says you can’t!

Follow Your Passion as a Public Health Professional

Woman as nurturer is only one archetypal role but if it is your passion to be a person who gives, who nurtures, you can live your passion as a public health professional. You can get a public health degree online while raising your own family or even while working a dead end job you intend to leave behind. With an advanced degree in hand you can go anywhere in the world and serve as a public health professional while making a difference in the world around you.

Whether here at home in the United States or in some third world country where food is scarce and medicine even scarcer, there is a great demand for public health professionals. Jobs are always available on all levels of proficiency and in all concentrations. The key is to take the first step and follow your passion. You envision yourself as a nurturer and that is a perfectly noble ambition. Now it’s up to you to follow your dreams and the life you feel you were meant to live.

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