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Jacqueline Novogratz On Escaping Poverty

Susan notes: I've copied and pasted this biographical information and talk unabashedly from the TED website.


jacqueline_novogratz3.jpgJacqueline Novogratz tells a moving story of an encounter in a Nairobi slum with Jane, a former prostitute, whose dreams of escaping poverty, of becoming a doctor and of getting married were fulfilled in an unexpected way.

Novogratz founded and leads Acumen Fund, a nonprofit that takes a businesslike approach to improving the lives of the poor. In her new book, The Blue Sweater, she tells stories from the new philanthropy, which emphasizes sustainable bottom-up solutions over traditional top-down aid.

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Shaimlee Can-Can!

cancan_dancers.jpgThe French version of the can-can, which became popular in the early 1800s in the working class ballrooms of Paris, is a lively music hall dance.

It's performed by a chorus line of women, usually dressed in long skirts and petticoats, which are lifted, kicked and swirled suggestively to reveal the dancers’ black-stocking-ed legs, and sometimes more!

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Fitting In Is Vastly Overrated, It's Proven

susan sushi_london_cropppedI’m a dynamic, engaging, attractive woman. I’m creative, curious and funny. Oh yeah, and modest too!

I have my own successful one-woman communications consultancy (or at least it was successful until the recession hit!), and I know how to make small talk at business lunches and cocktail parties.

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