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Cristina Fernandez (President)

cristina_fernandez.jpgCristina Elizabet Fernández de Kirchner, commonly known as Cristina Kirchner, is the current President of Argentina. A member of the Justicialist Party, she was a Senator for Buenos Aires Province prior to taking office. She is the wife of former President of Argentina Néstor Kirchner, and acted as First Lady during his term.

In the October 2007 general election, Fernández ran for the presidency of Argentina, representing the ruling Front for Victory party. She won with 45.29% of the vote, a 22% lead over her nearest rival. This was one of the widest margins obtained by a candidate since democracy returned in 1983, and it avoided the need for a runoff election.

She is Argentina's first elected female President, and the second female President ever to serve (after Isabel Martinez de Perón, 1974-1976). In 2008, she was ranked by the magazine Forbes as thirteenth in the list of the 100 most powerful women in the world.

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Lynn Elsenhans (Chief Executive)

lynn_elsenhans.jpgLynn Laverty Elsenhans is the current Chairwoman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Sunoco.

Lynn Laverty Elsenhans has served as the company's Chairwoman since January 2009 and as the company's Chief Executive Officer and President since August 2008.

She is also the Chairwoman of Sunoco Partners LLC since October 2008. Prior to joining Sunoco, Elsenhans served as the Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing for Shell Downstream Inc., a subsidiary of Royal Dutch/Shell Group.

Elsenhans was voted number 11 on Forbes'2009 The 100 Most Powerful Women list.

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Anne Lauvergeon (Chief Executive)

Anne Lauvergeon is a French businesswoman and president of Areva. In 2008, she was ranked by the magazine Forbes as the ninth-most powerful woman in the world, third-most in Europe and most powerful in France.

Anne Lauvergeon is also President of the board of directors of École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Nancy and is a director or board member of Suez, Total S.A., Safran S.A. and Vodafone

Irene Rosenfeld (Chief Executive)

Irene Rosenfeld is the Chairman and CEO of Kraft Foods Inc..

Irene Rosenfeld was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Kraft Foods in June 2006. She assumed the additional post of Chairman in March 2007, following Altria Group’s spin-off of Kraft. Irene is a 25-year veteran of the food and beverage industry and has a long history of bringing a consumer focus and innovation to building businesses. She began her career at Dancer Fitzgerald Sample advertising agency in New York and later joined General Foods in consumer research.

Over the years, she advanced in a variety of leadership roles at Kraft. Among her many accomplishments, she led the restructuring and turnaround of key businesses in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and the highly successful integration of the Nabisco acquisition. Irene also served on the senior team that led Kraft’s Initial Public Offering in 2001.

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Angela Braly (Chief Executive)

angela-braly.jpgAngela F. Braly is president and chief executive officer for WellPoint, Inc., a large US-based health care company, and is a member of the company's board of directors.

She assumed those responsibilities on June 1, 2007, following several high-profile roles for the company.

Prior to her current position, Braly served as executive vice president, general counsel and chief public affairs officer for WellPoint.

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