Keep Notes In Your Pockets

pink_beach.jpgSusan notes: this useful re-centering practice is from Fitting in Is Overrated, a wonderful book by Leonard Felder (a psychologist, counselor, author and occasional contributor to my favourite publication Ode Magazine). I blogged about the book here.

When I imagine I'm a grain of sand, it's a pink one under this stunning blue sky...

If and when you find yourself feeling anxious, overwhelmed and/or disconnected, take a deep relaxing breath in and out.

Then put your right hand into your right-side pocket or the waistband of your clothing. Imagine that you take out a note that reads:

You are a unique and amazing part of creation, you are an original. There is not other individual quite like you. You have nothing to apologise for. You have an amazing capacity for forgiveness, creativity, warmth, and wisdom. Remember who you are, and keep looking for ways to express the positive gifts and insights you have been given.

Then take another deep, relaxing breath in and out, and put your left hand into your left-side pocket or waistband, imagine that you take out another note and it reads:

You are like a grain of sand. You can stop trying to be perfect. There is no pressure on you right now to be more than who you are already. You are part of a huge, ever-changing creative process that includes millions of grains of sand, strong swirling winds and refreshing ocean waves that sometimes wash over and connect the sand particles.

You don’t have to figure it all out. You are an essential part of this vast universe that has many other good and caring individuals in it, your job is not to carry more of the load than is necessary. You simply need to stay humble and calm about the fact that you are one of many.

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