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I'm All The Woman That I Want To Be

Susan notes:
Tina Turner celebrating her 60th birthday in 1999.

Can’t you see? This is me, I’m all the woman I want to be. I don’t want to be nobody else… I don’t buy into that…I' m all the woman that I want to be; I've never been affraid of myself; I don't buy into that, I don't wanna be nobody else, I don't buy into that...


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Raghava KK: Five lives of an artist

Susan notes: Thanks to TED for making TED Talks downloadable and embeddable, and for providing the biographical information that goes along with them.

raghava.jpgWith endearing honesty and vulnerability, Raghava KK tells the colorful tale of how art has taken his life to new places, and how life experiences in turn have driven his multiple reincarnations as an artist -- from cartoonist to painter, media darling to social outcast, and son to father.

Raghava KK began his career in art as a newspaper cartoonist, and the cartoonist’s bold line -- and dead-on eye for truth -- still powers his art. His work spans painting, sculpture, installation, film and performance, always linked by his challenging opinions on identity, conformity, gender, celebrity, ceremony. (He even views his lavish Indian wedding as a piece of performance art.)