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Susan notes: this is SO cool (thanks to #TEDxVolcano, which took place April18, 2010, in London and which you can watch here on demand;)

Oh and, BTW, I'm dedicating this post to The Pixel Project. The video has nothing to do with violence against women (#VAW), other than it's based on the power of Pixels, just like The Pixel Project which does great work to help stop #VAW. Go PixelProject! You Rock!


Virtual Choir Combines 185 Voices From 12 Countries To Create Beautiful Sound

internet_choir.jpgAn amazing 185 voices from 12 countries join a choir that spans the globe in "Lux Aurumque," composed and conducted by Eric Whitacre.

The choral piece merges hundreds of tracks individually recorded and posted to YouTube. It's an astonishing illustration of how technology can connect us.

Eric Whitacre began his music career singing in his college choir, with no previous musical experience.

By 21, he had completed his first concert work, Go, Lovely Rose, and soon advanced to Juilliard where he studied under Oscar-winning composer John Corigliano. Today, his 44 published concert pieces have sold over a million copies, he has conducted choral music in some of the most esteemed halls in the world and his music has been featured on dozens of commercial recordings.

Most recently, Whitacre has been noticed for his cutting-edge work, Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings, a musical that combines electronica with choral and operatic traditions. The musical has earned him the prestigious Richard Rodgers Award and received 10 nominations at the 2007 Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Awards.