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Driving Tunes - AMR Week 4

Inspired by a loooong, long drive last weekend. A few songs that will without a doubt, pass about 20 minutes of boring road in a flash! In the absence of a long drive, they might just cheer up your day as good driving tunes = happy tunes. Enjoy!

Covers Revisited (AMR Week 3)

I used to believe that original was always best. In most things I still think in many ways that’s true, but I am also of the belief that everything can be improved.

Music is the perfect example. Not usually a fan of cover versions, I have to say, and you may very well disagree, that this week’s five in my opinion are not only very different from the original tracks, but even better. Mellow but just fantastic.

Wake Up To Your iPod (AMR Week 2)

Susan notes: Amazing Music Rocks was inspired by a recent evening of music with friends, which was in turn inspired by a book called Fitting in is Vastly Overrated. Anyway, Louise, who attended the soiree, "volunteered" to share a weekly list of great tunes from her extensive library. This is her first instalment. I think it's brilliant. I hope you will too. Can't wait 'til next week to hear the next five....

This week, AMR was inspired, strangely enough, by...of all things, my alarm clock.

Whilst whittling down the numerous themes I had already lined up for the coming weeks, I awoke, one morning last week, to the sound of my iPod alarm clock. They just came rolling out! One great song after another ... five in a row in fact. I thought, rather like the Pick Six at the races, I had hit the jackpot and had a ready-made AMR Week 2 Playlist.