Covers Revisited (AMR Week 3)

I used to believe that original was always best. In most things I still think in many ways that’s true, but I am also of the belief that everything can be improved.

Music is the perfect example. Not usually a fan of cover versions, I have to say, and you may very well disagree, that this week’s five in my opinion are not only very different from the original tracks, but even better. Mellow but just fantastic.
1. Waiting in Vain - Annie Lennox (Original: Bob Marley)
2. Quando, Quando, Quando - Michael Bublé & Nellie Furtado (Original: Tony Renis in Italian)
3. Helpless - KD Lang (Original: Neil Young)
4. Space Oddity - Natalie Merchant (Original: David Bowie)
5. Wild Horses - The Sundays (Original: The Rolling Stones)

Click here to listen to all five tunes.