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We Stand By You In Solidarity

Andy Madadian, dubbed The Prince of Persian Music,

teams up with Bon Jovi and friends to sing Stand By Me

in solidarity with the people of Iran.

Madadian, who is a legendary Persian - Armenian music exile, has been selected to sing with artists from around the world in the World Peace musical collaboration. He recently won two Central Asian Music Awards for Most Popular Singer and Best International Singer.

Bon Jovi is, well, Bon Jovi

Susan notes: I have always loved this tune, which has been sung by various artists including Ben E. King, John Lennon, Oasis and others. It brings me comfort and joy in times of pain, loneliness and despair. From this day forward, it will have even more meaning to me. Thank God, the angels and the universe for music, and for the power it has to bring people together.

Back To My Alternative 80s

AMR Week 6
Back to some ageless tunes from my alternative 80s. For me, some of the best songs that have stood the test of time, sounding just as fresh on my ipod today as they did back then (on my Sony Walkman cassette player) almost 2 decades later. Tracks you might not immediately identify with the 80s, but hopefully ones you might now identify with 2009, as hearing them for the first time!


Raw and Acoustic

Wow, AMR Week 5 already. Time flies when you're having fun!
So this week.
Acoustic. To me, nothing is better than the sound of instrument, vocal and lyric. Nothing else can quite convey the feeling and sentiment as well as a raw, acoustic version of a song. I could honestly have gone on for a while here ... way too many for me to narrow to 5!

Run To You Times Two

Susan notes: I love these tunes for their music and their lyrics, for Whitney Houston's beauty and grace, for Bryan Adams, well, for being Bryan Adams (and for being Canadian;), and for being an amazing social activist who has championed a host of causes, and played at countless concerts for peace. The proceeds from his two criticically acclaimed books of photography called 'American Women' and 'Made in Canada' respectively, go to fund breast cancer research. You can order them here on his official website.