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TED Live? #TED Wow! @TED Yes!!

TED live_logoThere are good deals.  And there are great deals.

Truth be told, most deals (good AND great), have become so commonplace that they’re almost a dime a dozen.

Everywhere you turn there’s someone offering something awesome at some stupidly low price.... sometimes even for free! (This isn't free, but it's such awesome value it's almost as good as free!)

Register here.


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The Margaret Moth Story: FEARLESS (or: A Heroine Just Walked Into My Life)

margaret_moth_1.jpgSusan's update, January 30, 2013: honoring Margaret Moth on her birth date.

Susan's update, March 21, 2010:
Margaret Moth, a woman whose courage almost defied belief, died today at the age of 59. While she would not have cried, I sit here with tears streaming down my face for the loss of a woman I never knew, but who deeply impacted me and countless others around the world.

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