8 Steps Toward Inner Peace

brenda-slavinGuest blog post by Brenda Slavin,
Coach and Creator of Elements of Your Life

Ironically, the time we crave inner peace the most, is when our  circumstances peak at their very worse.

We find ourselves getting caught up in the stress, anxiety, and worry as a result of our circumstances. 

We then move into a state of mental paralysis and find it difficult to climb out from the exhausting emotional repercussions.

If inner peace is something you are searching for, below is a list of ways that may assist you in finding your own inner peace. There is no algorithm or ordered steps in which you must follow; however, you must decide you want it, and are ready to receive it.

Be grateful ~ Have appreciation of all you have already been given. Only focus on these gifts and remove your focus from what others have, or what you wish you had. Each morning as you rise, begin your day by stating what you are grateful for that’s currently in your life. Each night before sleep, state what made you grateful from that day.

Love yourself ~ Make time for yourself EVERY day for a minimum of 15 minutes doing something you love to do, that is just for you. It can be anything from a bath to a hobby you enjoy. You are not spoiling yourself; you are simply taking care of yourself! Some people treat this as an option within their day and should be making it a priority.

Let go of control! ~ For many people, this is one of the hardest things to do! We tend to attempt to control things in which we have no control of. We even try to control other people’s behaviors and actions. We only have true control over ourselves and our responses. The rest is completely out of our control. When we choose to exert control, the outcome leads to more frustration, anger, and exhaustion. Expend your energy on what you can control within your circumstance, even if it is only acceptance. Acceptance is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of strength. As we move further away from control and closer towards acceptance, our perception changes and we are exposed to a completely different view of our circumstances.

Give to others ~ Spend some time to giving and helping others. Volunteer your time, donate to a charity, help a stranger, or simply say a prayer for someone. Helping others in need is a great way to redirect your focus off your personal life’s demands and events.

Live in the present ~ Most times we are either reflecting back on our past or projecting forward about our future. Neither of those allows you to enjoy the present. The past cannot be rewritten or changed; you only have from this moment forward.  Continue to plan your future but stop wasting your time worrying about it. You had no way of predicting the place you are in today; certainly you will not be able to predict it tomorrow. Life is ever changing, enjoy the “right now”!

Be in the right place at the right time ~ Trust that you are right where you need to be in life this very moment. Every experience we have is an opportunity for learning and growth. What you learn along the way will benefit you at some point in your life. Look for the lesson, you will eventually find it; everything happens for a reason.

Meditate ~ Have you ever wanted to shut off the voice in your head that never stops chattering? How about if you could acknowledge negative emotions but not allow them to have an effect on you? Did you know the multitude of benefits there are to meditation? Some benefits include, improved health by lowering blood pressure, increasing serotonin levels to enhance mood and reducing stress, as well as increasing synchronicity and balance in your life.

Keep your faith ~ Hold very closely to your faith. Faith conquers fear and keeps hope alive, leading you exactly where you need to be. Not to mention, the life of our spirit depends on it.

Brenda Slavin is a coach and is the creator of Elements of Your Life, empowering others to live a life full of passion and authenticity.

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