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Bitter Or Better? The Choice Is Ours

deanne mathewsBy Deanne Mathews

In 2004, I received a call from my brother in Canada telling me that our stepfather was dead. He had stabbed himself twice in the heart. He must have been in such great pain to have taken his life in this way!
Twenty-four hours after receiving my brother¹s phone call, I was on a plane flying half-way around the world to do something I would never have believed possible:
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Kayaker Hoffmeister Conquers The Cape

freya3Article by Joe Glickman.

No stretch of water on the planet is as feared as the legendary passage around Cape Horn.

Its gale-force winds, rogue waves, icebergs and summertime blizzards have sunk more than 800 ships.

Freya Hoffmeister intended to paddle around it, and was 2,333 miles into her attempt to become the first person to circumnavigate South America by kayak.

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Acid Attack Survivor Katie Piper's Beautiful Face

katie-piper-2007.jpgSusan notes: Barely concious, unable to speak, and in excruciating pain after having had sulphuric acid thrown in her face, 25-year-old model and TV presenter Katie Piper wrote a two-word note to her mother in 2008. "Kill me," it said.

Two years later, Piper created a foundation to help burn victims, is leading a full and happy life and is an inspiration to all whom she meets. 

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